Please make WebDAV work

WebDAV gets rate limited or blocked whenever I use it, even when bandwidth and requests are set at absolute minimum.

The WebDAV service was last usable after your server change in february. In addition, when downloading larger amounts of data in the portable app, some files are missing.

As it is, this service is unusable. When will you fix it?

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We will start using bandwidth logging to determine WebDAV usage and access and loosen the rate limiting in future. Our development team are currently working on improving our drive mounted app currently however once a date has been confirmed for our updated implementation of WebDAV we will notify the community. Apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.

I didn’t know that it was limited… I was planning on start using WebDAV to sync my NAS to the cloud, but with this limit I imagine that would be impossible.
Which is the limit that you set?

Unfortunately our implementation of WebDAV wasn’t designed to facilitate syncing but this is one of our major priorities and will look to improve as soon as possible.

I hope this rate limitation will be fixed soon because it’s really annoying. Thanks @JimmyB and to the dev team for your support and make this possible.

We know it can be frustrating for our users so thank you for bearing with us. Big updates are coming soon.

Yes please, rate limitng webdav is a pain

Any updates on webdav?

webdav doesnt work for me either.
it connected one time in 100 tries
the webdash is slow as hell. I have a 1gig down 500up fiber and 8gig took over a half hour, and the mount I cannot trust I dropped files before.
Downloads are slow also, I didnt have this problem when I joined a year ago with the Virtual drive.

Hello, I’m trying to backup by data using restic with rclone and I get continuously errors like the one below. Seems that webdav is somehow limited for Icedrive. When do you plan to fix it?

rclone: 2024/05/19 19:51:06 ERROR : locks/8698ceff06748bdbcae47cf5c4b90be5233e16461019de21958d960c4a774b59: Post request put error: Update mkParentDir failed:
rclone: 429 Too Many Requestsbackup/file1.txt
rclone: backup/file2.jpg

429 Too Many Requests

rclone: : 429 Too Many Requests