WebDav timeout using FileZilla Pro

i activated webdav from my dashboard, and i am using this client to connect:

[ Filezilla Pro ] [ 3620 ]
[ Windows 10 21h1]


i get always a timeout on HTTP request and cant connect as shown in the pictures

![Immagine 2022-11-14 142008|690x372](upload://zJW6hOCDbEZGDxWBbJYtzTiUHOm.png)
![Immagine 2022-11-14 142110|690x322](upload://7h9WP7sltw6i4hMG0anuMMm3xcD.png)

Hey @joyless welcome to the community! Thank you for reporting this issue. Would you be able to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and a member of our dev team will be able to assist you further with this?

Done thanks. I am not sure you can see the pictures i uploaded

If you have any screenshots to share you can email them to support@icedrive.net. Please reference your ticket number so that our dev team associate the images with your ticket.

Cool, thanks a lot. Will share any result with the community

Update: WebDAV Server Update