WebDAV Server Update

We have released a huge update to the WebDAV protocol server!

Changes and fixes include:

  • New, more powerful server
  • New software stack
  • Improved connection handling and timeouts
  • Hidden, system and temporary file filters to increase performance
  • Initial WebDAV Sync support
  • Timezone reconfiguration
  • Fixed unicode support for filenames
  • Content types handled correctly

Everything is now live - No need to change anything in your clients.

We will continue to monitor and tweak things accordingly and listen to your feedback also.

Providing all is well and there is demand, we can also introduce new geographic locations for WebDAV too.

Enjoy the update!


Sweet! Thank you! WebDAV do be very useful at times!

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That sounds supercool!

Works really nicely so far, I do wish you guys would’ve given a heads up though that you’re working on it, otherwise I see the same problems reported here and no responses.

FYI, WebDAV also seems to work with tools like Kopia now, through rclone that is.
Good job team, @Chris @JimmyB .

I do still worry about file sync through the network drive, I hope that’s the next thing to be remedied, it seems there’s no handling for big filecounts and the caching goes wild.

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Thanks for the feedback, glad it’s working well!

Yes, sync is a main priority of ours, we have actually implemented an all new solution to do a virtual folder app which we are yet to release, infact it needed it to function properly.

So our goal is to use what we learned with testing this app to repair the live sync :slight_smile: