The Upcoming Mount & Sync v3

Hi all!

We’ve been seeing a lot of activity recently regarding uncertainty about us and what we are doing, which is quite understandable since we have been relatively silent recently. So, allow me to explain! :slight_smile:

We are working on an entirely new build of the mount & sync app, from the ground up.

Over the past few years we have been gathering all the feedback, suggestions, bug reports - you name it, we took it all in.

I guess you could consider the current app more of a beta, which is why we have also had to delay the release of the Mac + Linux versions, as this is the version we are going to port. This new version will be polished, perfected and a real joy to use.

Our plan is to make a hefty Dev Diary video explaining the new app, showing some features, however we feel the radio silence has been going on for a little too long now and we would like to calm any frustrations you may be feeling

Here are a few things you can expect from the new app

  • A new, polished UI
  • Completely new backend API, designed to work in harmony with the mount + sync app
  • An alerts section, which aims to keep the app completely user friendly and inform of any errors and how to rectify them
  • COM integration, to right click files in the mount drive in order to share, check version history, etc
  • Complete sync rewrite (with no limits!)
  • Icons within the mount app, to display what is cached, in the cloud or in progress
  • Thumbnail handlers to speed up the directory listings of large photo albums
  • A lot, lot more

I have attached a few screenshots - We really have gone all out on this one! We cant wait to see the reaction but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we really don’t want to rush this one.

Any suggestions you may have I am happy to discuss them here!

We are looking forward to showing the the Dev Diary video soon!


This looks absolutely awesome. Thank you for posting this so we can see what’s coming.

The complete sync rewrite with no limits is much needed and I’m thrilled to see it will finally be implemented. More verbose (but user friendly) alerts is also something I’ve been really hoping to see. The icons to show sync status within explorer is freaking fantastic! It’s one of the things I have missed most when moving away from google drive / onedrive / mega. So glad to see Icedrive will be implementing this.

Thanks for the work on this. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

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Looks sweet! I had no real complaints anyways!

Will you add a way to generate thumbnails for encrypted content? Dark mode? Those are the only things i find is missing!

Keep up the great work!

I am interested to know how you will implement virtual cloud mounting on linux… as a virtual drive?

Yes Virtual Drive for linux will be mounted using FUSE :slight_smile:

Encrypted thumbnails are possible, and are a goal of ours however require a lot of thought as either they could be a huge security hole, or the client device would actually have to make them and encrypt them, causing a lot of cpu usage during uploads. On mobiles especially this could be a big problem

With the mounted drive though, the explorer makes thumbnails of them anyway, they just have to be downloaded in its entirety the one time however

Darkmode will be on the app :slight_smile:


That’s fancy!

I assumed so, I know it needs some reprocessing, and takes time to develop, so no rush!

Will there be one on the web portal?

Thanks for your answers!!

Does this mean we will soon have a Mac virtual drive? Or only on windows? I am an exclusive Mac user and have been desperately needing the ability to use it as a virtual drive for years now. It’s really held me up in using it the way I need to and I have a ton of files. Not super up to date on all the technical talk so hoping for the clarification- hopefully this is good news for me as a Mac user and dedicated Icedrive lifetime member :crossed_fingers: Such a fan of Icedrive. Thanks!

Hey and welcome @southernscreenwriter !

I wouldn’t go as far as to say “soon” but yes this app will be released on windows, mac and linux!

We will continue providing updates and dev diaries etc, aswell as releasing betas for testing to keep everyone in the loop from here on in :slight_smile:

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Hey all.

Any plans on adding some form of filtering for syncing with the new version?

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We are looking at implementing a filetype filter (extension etc) if that’s what you mean, we currently have it in place but a pre-set one for temp + system files etc, so we will allow more customization for it!


@JimmyB Hope that you the family and the team are all fine & well sir? :grinning: I knew you & the IceDrive team had something up your sleeves :wink: Patience is one of my greatest virtues, and the road map looks just as I thought it would. Keep up the good work, & I look forward to the update & Dev Diary video :+1:t5: As for me, back to work money to be made :wink::pray:t5:

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Well I’ve been using for years and when I signed up to Icedrive I used bvckup2 to sync to Icedrive - via the mounted drive function - and pointing bvckup2 to locations on my Icedrive. I had issues where by already synced files would keep resyncing. I’ve switched to using the Icedrive built in sync but the inability to select a parent folder and deselect child folders/files is a pain.

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Glad to learn the ID team is intensively working on the project. I prefer using Linux, Mac–in that order–over Windows, but I’ll use Windows if I can just get files up into and down from the cloud reasonably quickly and always reliably. Still having trouble uploading anything bigger than a few MB’s on ID Mac app. Haven’t tried Windows app again since losing files during my last move (not copy) to ID folder. Hoping reliability of revamped cloud is far superior. Thanks for working on it.

Thanks for all the great comments!

We will have a Dev Diary video of the mount side out next week, along with a Beta release hopefully!

Stay tuned =)


Hi @JimmyB, thanks for the info. Do you have an update on the release date? I ask because, as a new customer, in all honesty I currently regret my purchase. Uploading doesn’t give a clear explanation of what fails. There’s no way to “retry” fails. The Sync seems to show it’s complete, but when browsing files, a cavernous amount of files are missing. There’s no “% complete” of files synced, and no way to see what succeeded. The Fail messages only say that there were “5 failures,” with no information about exactly which files failed. Out of the 100k+ files, am I supposed to check them all to find the failures?

My apologies for the wholly negative review. Just really unhappy right now. TIA for your feedback.

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Another new customer here.

I’ve experienced an issue with files (large BMP files) being un-openable / corrupt when downloaded via the mounted drive (dimentions seem to be stripped), whereas via the web they are all fine. I’ve also seen several other posts mentioning similar issues with video files etc.
Just wondered if that was being corrected on the new app ?

Also, is there any bump up in speed of upload ? I have 1000mbps down/up and the best I get is about 50-200mbps via the app (standalone app is a little faster).,

Thanks for the great work :slight_smile:


A great option would be the ability to create subaccounts with access only to specific folders, or the ability to log in with access only to a specific folder. The point is that, for example, at work I would like to log in only to a specific folder. I don’t want access to private folders there. Please, consider this.


Wow, it’s looks awesome. And i can’t wait for just testing all these great UX/UI and all new features. Specially the webdav sync.

Thank you @JimmyB for this update. It makes my day. I hope to see it in September.

And thanks icedrive dev team for the support!

It’s gonna be even more awsome! thanks! :grinning:

Absolutely the same experience here. Found out the hard way that “100% green” means processing finished, but not 100% of data transferred without errors.

So, reliability of the service is 0%. You always have to check that the data is actually on Icedrive.