Possibility of continuous sync?

For context I’ve been using MEGA.nz for about a year now and I really like their sync solution, since whenever I update anything in the synced folders, the desktop app detects it right away and updates the cloud copy, whether it’s a file rename, edit, deletion, or anything else. The same happens when I change something through the web interface and it’s practically instant, really cool.

I wonder, is there a good reason why Icedrive doesn’t have this functionality by default instead of specific sync intervals?

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I’m in the same situation as you. And the closest I could get to continuous sync is setting the polling interval to 1 min. I supposed the way icedrive has it now kinda makes sense; what happens if another application is currently using the file in the upload queue? In that case it either uses VSS or you set the poll interval to hopefully minimize that.

Yep, Google Drive used to be terrible at this. Would corrupt Adobe Illustrator files if you were working on them mid sync. Took them years to fix the issue. I kind of prefer the interval system.

Having said that I use FreeFileSync’s RealTimeSync for automated synchronisation to local backup and haven’t had any issues.

That’s why I’d expect the [sync after a file change] to be superior? Since it would only update the cloud copy of the file after the user has done doing their stuff. I’ve had zero issues with Mega, like literally none. I have the app running in the background constantly, as it starts up with the OS so it doesn’t even waste time scanning stuff

OK I’m intrigued by Mega now. I never considered it. Why are you leaving them?

I only have a free Mega account from those times when they offered 50GB for free, which is 20GB now. I don’t want to leave them, but I’m looking for alternatives / additional backup options because the 50GB isn’t enough for my important stuff. And so I’m binge checking everything for other services I haven’t tried yet to see which one works best for me, and Icedrive has good pricing, especially in their Black Friday deals imho

That’s probably my only complaint about Mega, they’re quite pricy compared to the competition. 400GB for $50/year, whereas with Icedrive you get 1TB for $50/year. But I have to say (afaik) your entire cloud is covered by zero-knowledge encryption by default. I might stick with them considering how well their sync app and web UI works

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@AlphaLion you should check out Filen.io :wink:

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Interesting, I’ve never heard about them. I’ll take a look, thanks

Hi there, I just wanted to respond with my (really short) experience about Filen. Their pricing is surprisingly good, however I find the web UI and desktop app a little cumbersome to use every day; some functions don’t work as I’d expect them to do so, some options are unnecessarily hidden, the two-way sync didn’t place the files in the selected target folder first, then another folder didn’t sync its existing content until I manually added 1 more file that triggered the sync. And it feels a bit barebone if that makes sense, I’ve read a comment somewhere that said “it’s so simple it feels like a beta” and I do agree with that unfortunately. The sync (when it works) is instant, just like Mega which is something I really like

I’m not comfortable to use their service for now based on my short experience. I much more prefer Icedrive’s web UI and desktop app even with all the issues that I’ve mentioned here. But thanks for the suggestion anyway!

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@AlphaLion Good evening :smiley: Don’t mention it my friend, you can never know too much :wink: Like yourself I do use Mega along with IceDrive pCloud & Filen purely for the lifetime subscription options that they give but more importantly the E2EE :grin: I’m not one to keep all my eggs in one basket. Beside Crytomator always on hand should I need that especially for my Google, iCloud and any others that require it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But like you we will all patiently wait to see what IceDrive has coming up based upon the communities requests.

Have a great evening
Binary 0’s & 1’s :facepunch:t5:

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