[Mount & Sync] [Windows] v2.71

Version 2.71 released.

Primary changes include:

  • Addressed the problem with corrupted downloads.

  • It is now possible to view the total size of a folder (right click → Properties) when the “Download thumbnails and previews” option is On.

  • Removed Cache Size setting; the app will not automatically delete cache files anymore,
    the cache can only be cleared by a user by manually pressing the “Clear cache” button.

  • Removed the sync interval of 1 minute.

  • When selecting a remote folder for sync, you can now select the “My Cloud” item and, if necessary, create a new sub-folder.

Update available for download now!

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Thank you for this update!
Could auto cache cleaning be optional?



Could you please reinstate the cache clean-up settings? It is a lot more convenient when the app performs it automatically. I wonder why would you remove it in the first place?

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@Dr_Quantum @brabazon

This option was removed because on rare occasions it would delete a cache file right before or during the upload. This would then cause the file to be stuck in limbo in the upload queue indefinitely.

Our development team are exploring other alternative options that they may implement in the near future.

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I agree that the application should delete cache. As users, we don’t have unlimited space on our windows pc’s so not cleaning up cache will cause significant space problems. Users should not have to do a function the application should be doing.

I assume you are making this the highest priority, meaning working 24 hours a day, to solve this issue. If not, you should be as cleaning up cache should not be a user problem.


Am I correct in assuming that users are now responsible for cleaning up their temp/cache files all of the time? Unless restarted, it seems to be the case here.

What is cache in this context? Is it files cached for accessibility or parts/transfer files? Or both?

I was very hopeful to hear that you guys are working on a fix, but this looks like it should’ve remained in development still? I do agree that at least now files are less likely to go missing, which is better in terms of data integrity. However, I don’t think 90% of your users will be expecting filling up drives nor will they know what to do with that problem, since most of them probably never open up the settings page even.

I think you need to at least add an indicator or a measure somewhere, a flashing orange warning that tells you something can be cleaned up. I know that as an experienced user and a software engineer myself, I’d assume something is leaking if my drives were to keep filling without notice.

A bit confused about this update, it improves one thing, but very much breaks the user experience even more. Although, something was filling up drives before this update as well, so in terms of that there’s no change.


I am still having the issue where if I copy a video file from my encrypted drive to Windows 11, only a small % of the file actually downloads, even though the icon transfers and it appears to go through. If I open the video FROM the encrypted drive, say on something like VLC player, and drag the bar to the end of the video, and let it buffer for a few seconds, THEN exit and copy the file to windows, the full file will move.

I have been having this problem for many months and I can recreate it on at least 2 machines. I have contacted support numerous times and I have not gotten a very good response.

At this point I am seriously considering moving to another cloud service. I like Icedrive and it’s overall company and mission, but this bug is just bewilderingly frustrating.

edit: it appears only 3.99MB of any video file transfer.


Since I’ve become a lifetime member, these are some changes Icedrive has made, quietly, which have only been discovered after accepting the new app update (because updates will make things better, right? Why would they prompt an update for regressions? …he innocently thought):

-Removed the ability to sync a whole local drive with Icedrive (cool, now I get to do it all manually)
-Limited the amount of “syncs” to 15 (cool, now I can’t do it all manually the way I was planning and now need to consolidate my desired folders to sync down to 15 because… it makes things better for the Icedrive system???)
-Removed “1 minute” sync interval option to now sync every 5 minutes at the most frequent (cool, now I get to twiddle my thumbs for even longer thanks to a “fix” to a former non-issue)
-Removed the cache limit setting and offloaded the responsibility to users to clear the cache manually, lest their local drives fill up without as much as a peep from the Icedrive app. (I share the same frustration as others here).

This is all incredibly frustrating and goes BACKWARDS in terms of functionality. I can’t see a great reason for most of these other than reducing the burden on Icedrive’s servers and dev team. I can see how this might be good for them, can’t fathom how this is useful for any end user. I am now finding myself in need of other tools to fill the gaps caused by the deficiencies of Icedrive’s UPDATES. The updates continue to break functionality that I was depending on and that was already part of the system I paid for in good faith, assuming that my payment was supporting continued development that would result in improvements in the product. I could kinda sorta maybe understand if this was on a shorter timeline and genuinely improved things, but as of 2.71, I am still having random small files in the transfer queue, repeatedly, forever, for no good reason, and still having items that are fully synced in the cloud, synced on most local syncs, but non-existent on others. Separate issue, but I’m still totally unable to depend on Icedrive’s Android app to sync even my camera roll any time other than when it effing feels like it, and forget about anything else on the phone. I became a lifetime member nearly 3 years ago. I understand it’s difficult to manage server space/bandwidth, app development, API, etc. But come on. Mega, PCloud and others have managed just fine. Icedrive seems to keep REMOVING the features I most depend upon with every update. And yes, I know the response to most of this will be the usual “Please submit a ticket.” But to what end? There are three possible responses: 1. That’s the expected behavior. 2. This is an anomaly. Problem on your end. 3. We are working on a fix for this (WHEN!!!)

Icedrive: please, at the very least, keep all the features you’ve currently got, don’t take them away, and make things better on the sync side while keeping everything else static. It doesn’t work great in every use case now, but Jesus, can you please stop axing useful functions with minimal notification to users WHILE preserving bugs? Thanks.

-Frustrated, reluctant lifetime member out.

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There is an awful lot of misunderstandings here.

We are actually working on an entirely new mount & sync app, which will be the culmination of all the feedback, bug reports and suggestions we have received over the years.

We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a very long time now, and we will be able to show a Dev Diary update towards the end of next week, and will be requesting beta testers soon after

I can understand the frustration with the lack of updates, but this wont disappoint :wink:

Edit: The Upcoming Mount & Sync v3

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Thanks for your response.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy. I know you guys are working hard, but it’s gotten harder to keep the faith with updates like this. I hope you can dig what an absolutely frustrating and trust-breaking experience it is from the user side to install an update only to have a function you didn’t know you depended on disappear. Again and again, update after update. I now look at Icedrive updates the way I look at printer firmware updates.

As functionality keeps getting removed/limited/broken with updates to the current app, the explanation is always that the new and improved version is coming. Cool, but 1. I’d rather things at least continue to work the way I’ve come to expect in the current app and 2. With as much as the new version has been teased, and as little specific details have been shared, I began to suspect it might be vaporware.

Thank you for addressing this information vacuum! That really does help to dispel some of the frustration. v3 looks absolutely awesome and I am thrilled to see what it looks like you guys have done with it. Thanks!

I pray that all future updates to any future v2 builds as well as v3 will only move forward from here on out, and that the nasty pattern of removing functions available in earlier versions will no longer occur.

Thanks for your work on this!

It’s all good! As I mentioned earlier, it’s totally understandable.

The sync issue wasnt done without a reason, it was due to the way it is currently implemented and a select few users with absolutely millions of items causing the whole system to lag for everyone

It was more of a preventative measure to keep things running while we reasses and redevelop - It’s no way indicative of how we actually wanted the sync to work!

Your input is greatly appreciated - if you want to reply to the thread I posted earlier about v3 with some suggestions we can take it on board! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. But you know, I’d still just like it to work the way it did before. I know, you’re on it. Until v3 is released, I will continue salivating.

Man, I wish I had any useful input to offer. Looking at that post about v3, it seems to fulfill everything on my wishlist that I didn’t even know I wanted. If it’s half as good as it looks to be, you guys knocked it out of the park. No notes. My only real suggestion is the beg/plea I’ve reiterated a few times here: please no more feature regressions in updates! I know, you don’t do it just for fun, and v3 should properly fix sync so as to remove the need for such changes. Fingers crossed that that’s the case. Only other suggestion/request: get it out as soon as possible! But also make it perfect on first release. I’m sure you hadn’t already thought about that. :wink:

It will take a while! Our plan is to release this as one big release - For windows, mac and linux!

On the plus side, you are more than welcome to use the beta which we will be releasing in stages over the coming weeks in the meantime :slight_smile:

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Hi team,
Can you please share a release log for 2.72? I am being prompted to update but, due to aforementioned reasons, I am giving this update notification the hairy eyeball. All future updates are assumed guilty until proven innocent. Hoping to be proven wrong this time. Looking forward to seeing what changes were made.

how can we test this ?

I still have the bug where if I drag/drop (or copy/paste) any large video file from the encrpyted Icedrive mounted drive on Windows Explorer, only 3.99MB of the file transfers. However, if I double click and scroll to the end of the video on VLC Player, and THEN copy and paste, it apparently works. So, again, there is some sort of bug with buffering. The file itself works fine if I download it from the portable app or the web based app. The windows explorer drag/drop has been messed up for years. Windows 11. Just updated to 2.72 and no change. Frustrating. At this point, I don’t really trust Icedrive with my data, which is a shame because I really liked it.

Perhaps there is some hidden windows Cache option or something I am overlooking, but nothing has been helpful and frankly nobody seems to know how to fix this. No other moutable virtual drive, Google, Sync, Dropbox, Veracrypt, etc, encrpyted or not, seems to have this issue. It’s specific to Icedrive mounted encrypted drives.

Grab the beta here!