Excluding File Types & Camera RAW files

As I predominantly use my Icedrive to backup photographs, is there any way I can currently tell it to not upload certain file types e.g. sidecar files etc. e.g. xmp, arp, pp3? If not, is this feature planned/possible?

Furthermore, is it possible that Icedrive can support more camera ‘raw’ files to display?

Hey @cedge . You can disable specific file/folder names for sync but not file types when using the virtual drive. I will pass this on to the dev team to look in to for the future. In regards to the ‘raw’ files query, this is something we have planned down the line. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom I sync my photograph folder to icedrive from my Win 10 laptop to that includes all file types, so there is no option yet with that than I can tell it to ignore non photograph files? Thanks.

@cedge Correct, there is no option yet.

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Can you elaborate on the RAW type formats you would like previews for? We added a bunch not so long ago but there are so many, perhaps we missed some unique to your device

Note: Not all raw images can convert to thumbnail, its hit or miss depending on the meta data included

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We will also include the ability to ignore filetypes in the next release of sync/mount, i.e *.mp3, *.tmp etc =)


That’s great news @JimmyB :ok_hand:

Just checked the images now and those raw files my Fuji X-H1 (RAF file type) don’t show up. It’s odd as they do for the Fuji X-E1 which is an older camera. Also, raw files from my Panasonic GX1 (RW2 file type) don’t seem to show either.

Could you share a couple via public link? Will see what we can do :slight_smile:

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@JimmyB Here is a recent one from my Fuji X-H1 - FXH16202.RAF - Icedrive

and one from the Panasonic GX1; the camera has been converted to Infrared but that shouldn’t affect the RAW files, just don’t be alarmed at what the preview looks like (purple unedited :grinning:) - P1010254.RW2 - Icedrive