Black Friday 2023 & Plans update

We would like to announce that after this coming Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, we will no longer be offering lifetime plans at Icedrive.

It is no surprise that eventually, lifetime plans become unsustainable - especially with a product that offers cloud-based storage. Infact, it should make anyone slightly nervous when they are offered!

That being said, lifetime plans have served a huge purpose and enabled us to secure a large amount of funding without having to relinquish any control of the company to 3rd party investors or conglomerates - Something we feel is extremely important for a privacy focused business.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us during our infancy (And the future to come!). We are now in a position where we can really push forward and dramatically improve the Icedrive service. There is so much in store in the coming months and we are very excited to start evolving towards our ideal.

Though our experience has taught us that there is a demand for non-recurring offerings - and after all, lifetime plans are something Icedrive is known for. Starting in December 2023, we will be offering 5 year plans. They will be very similar in design to the Lifetime plans - Offering huge discounts compared to the subscription based plans and a simple one time payment for the duration of the 5 years.

Onwards and Upwards!

Get the Black Friday deals at: Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals 2023 - Icedrive

Best regards,
The Icedrive Team

We thought it went without saying but it’s all we seem to be getting asked!:
Current Lifetime plan users will not be affected or changed in any way :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to read that you have been growing! That’s fantastic.
I have just doubts:

  • Do you allow stacking plans now?
  • why don’t you post on social media? Looks like the company has disappeared

I did create a few accounts a while ago and bought lifetime for them, but never used them, as funding support. :slight_smile:


@JimmyB If we purchased a lifetime plan will we be grandfathered into this plan in the future? Or will we lose the lifetime storage?

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Obviously those of us who have already purchased a lifetime plan prior to this change will continue to get what we paid for, correct? As in the lifetime cloud storage plan we paid for in full.

Surely there is no way we would lose what we paid for in full but I agree this question needs to be addressed. Icedrive would be dealing with some intense backlash if they tried that for sure.

@southernscreenwriter @prcullen Of Course, for those who have opted in to a lifetime plan will remain on those plans.

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Well, I’m over 70 so a “life plan” doesnt have the same importance :slight_smile:


Hello and thank you for this communication @JimmyB @Tom . I understand your situation and I’m proud to have been with Icedrive since the beginning of the adventure with a lifetime plan.

I ask the same question as @petaqui : Do you allow stacking plans (with another old plan)? I’m thinking of eventually upgrading to a higher plan and I just want to have the same login for easier administration.

Thank you amazing Icedrive team!

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Glad we keep moving! keep the good work icedrive team :smile:

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Hey @fredx !

Stacking plans is something we wont support, the idea came from when we were on Appsumo and it was something they just wanted us to implement to tailor to their own system

Since the life plans are ending they will be replaced with 5Y plans, which will be discounted on plan switch or renewal instead :slight_smile:

We will be happy to accommodate you in any way though, just PM me or reach out to support when you have the need to change your plan!

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That is so nice to hear! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I currently have a 5TB lifetime plan, if i want to upgrade to the 10 before lifetime goes away, is there a discounted rate for me for the 10 sonce i already have 5 and you dont allow stacking of plans?


Hoping you can maintain the route of privacy as a priority, and trust… exempt of modern narrative and moral guidance!

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I see the lifetime plans are still up.

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They’re only still up for a short while whilst we implement our new system however will be going soon.


Hello Icedrive team,
I read JimmyB’s statement from 11/16/23 with interest.
Especially the section
“We are now in a position to really advance and dramatically improve the Icedrive service. So much awaits us in the coming months and we are very excited to begin developing our ideal. “
I found it interesting and hope these are not empty words.
Unfortunately, I have had the following experience so far:
A year ago I bought storage space and informed technical support directly that the OS app in the Apple Store was not working properly when streaming music. In addition, streaming is not possible with any external program such as Cloudbeats. Reading errors often occur when accessing webDAV. Throughout the year I repeatedly asked when the functions would be improved.
Previous support response: Sorry, but no fixes for 1 year.
I also sync data from my company computer and I’m experiencing temporary errors, especially with PDF files, and the files can’t be opened in the cloud.
For the reasons mentioned, I have now purchased storage from another well-known cloud provider and the reported errors do not exist there - everything works as it should. So it works.
I bought the storage for long-term use
I hope that the announcement in the statement is actually implemented, let’s see what the future shows.

I really wanted to buy that 200GB lifetime plan for $99 and now its gone. Your new and past plans never measured usual users which are most valuable. Seems like you only think about corps or other big clients to pay you. Too bad because from all cloud storages I tested, ONLY yours is perfect with great prices and crypting and really great app.
I demand you at least to run plans for usual users with Gigabytes like 50,100,200,500 for good prices. We really dont need Terabytes. Also currently available mobile only plan with 20GB lifetime is bad, why? Because its only 20GB and even “big name clouds we all know” offer 15-20GB lifetime for free forever so who would Pay you for something its offered free “on the next corner”

Tl:dr Im usual user, need less than 1TB

i want to buy a year of 10TB and the price says on the page 299 USD dollar but on the next page it says like this is the price 299,00 US$ real or fake i don´t know for sure if this is a error or a problem from your end icedrive team @Chris @JimmyB


What do you mean? This is the same price, just with decimals? :sweat_smile: