Windows desktop app Sync replaces any literal "%20" in names with literal space

Issue: the Windows desktop app Sync feature replaces literal instances of “%20” with literal instances of a space in the names of files and folders when syncing.

Unidrectional sync results in, for example, “Bear%20Necessities” being copied as “Bear Necessities”.

Bidirectional sync results in the source being renamed to match its copy on the following pass.

This is using the Windows desktop app, v2.68, to sync folders. This issue is occurring on both Windows 10 Pro (21H2) and Windows Server 2008 Standard.

Copying files via Windows Explorer is unaffected.

EDIT: this behaviour further extends to other instances where a percent sign is followed by a number, e.g. “%21” is replaced with “!”. This may suggest an error involving Percent-encoding, also known as URL encoding.

Hey @Shane. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll pass on to our dev team for them to look into this.

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