While trying to drag and drop files off of my encryption folder to windows, it just hangs at "Time remaining: Calculating..." and nothing transfers (windows 11)

Hi all. This is really annoying. I am trying to move a folder of family and personal images off of my Icedrive encrypted folder to my desktop. However I noticed yesterday that it is simply not working. It just hangs and says ‘Calculating’. I was using NordVPN, I have tried it with that on and off, no difference. Downloading from the Icedrive web browser version works fine, as a ZIP, but that’s not really that ideal. Any suggestions? Is this a known bug? I have tried clearing the cache, restarting, reinstalling the Icedrive app, and messing with the settings within Icedrive. Still no luck. I should say that uploading via Windows Explorer works fine. Drag and drop, etc, no problem. But for some reason, transferring stuff off of it via Windows Explorer isn’t working right. Thanks all

Hey @Kikimora welcome to the community! This is something our dev team will need to investigate further so would you mind submitting a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and a member of our dev team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to assist?