When a new update is made, web applications do not automatically refresh

I recently created an account and upgraded it to a paid subscription. Here are some suggestions for Icedrive:

  • The web application does not automatically refresh when I rename or remove a file on my Icedrire virtual disk (Windows). I must manually refresh it by pressing the F5 button to get the most recent update.

Moreover, the virtual drive does not automatically update when I make changes to a file in a web application.

This feature ought to be included in Icedrive, in my opinion.

  • Connecting to Icedrive’s server from Vietnam takes a little longer than it does with other cloud storage services I use, such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, pCloud, and Google Drive.

Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to view an image that is 27MB in size on my Icedrive virtual disk, or I am unable to view it at all.

  • With the application for Windows, still have some uncomfortable:
  1. Cannot get a public link to the file by clicking the right mouse.

2. I really don’t enjoy seeing this kind of failure message every time I start an application, yet I am unable to remove it.I hope that Icedrive can improve service soon to provide a better experience for customers.

Hoang Manh Tran

Nobody answer me?? With bad support for Icedrive, I will choose another cloud storage service.