What next at icedrive?

For this reason, I would be doing my own encryption using open source software.

I am a prospective customer. I hadn’t noticed that deleted files count against your space quota. The other cloud storage services that I have seen do not count deleted files against your quota. But, they are more expensive, so there’s that.

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Hey @Blame4730 yes, any deleted files remain in your trash section indefinitely until you empty it manually. We have this in place as a safety precaution just in case you delete any files accidentally so that you can recover them if need be without them being permanently deleted after a certain time.

Good to know! I have deleted some duplicate photos that I can clear out. I’m glad you keep them because I would guess we all have accidentally hit the delete key with the instant expletive following the loss of a doc or folder or email. Kudos for retrievability!

Thanks @sailaway you are correct, that’s exactly why we have them stored in the trash section indefinitely (until emptied).

Totally agree. This is one powerful and very useful feature of OneDrive. Accepting the hit on performance, personally I think its worth doing.

Hello @Chris ,
I accidentally delete my files from trash yesterday. It is possible I ask for a recovery ? I think Google Drive allows this I don’t know about Icedrive ?
Thank you.

Hey @gobslayer23 Welcome to the community. Would you mind submitting this in a ticket here and we’ll see what we can do :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to keep singing the same song:

Could we have online document editing of non-encrypted Office365 files?

This is roadblock for me as I use a Chromebook for a lot of work and I don’t want to install Linux on it just to edit files in Icedrive. Let’s be frank - a lot of other cloud services are already offerring this functionality.


Hi, I add some suggestions :slight_smile: :


  • Add features on player : random play, playlists, meta tag (idv3)
  • Add a feature to right-click on a folder and play (or add to a new playlist)
  • Add previsualization for videos in encrypted env.


  • Reimplement the backup feature in app
  • Copy from folder to encrypted folder
  • Analyse/Find duplicates files


  • Support CalDav
  • Fix the limitation error (229)

Thank you icedrive team !

Would love to have an extension of the “harddrive” facility provided for desktop but this time for Android. Something like a cloud SD card so we can directly access the files within the android interface

Another issue I had was the loading time for music to play from the app, maybe enhanced/improved media streaming feature?