What next at icedrive?

We have so many features & updates being tested internally that are coming very soon. From advanced collaboration , the updated portable app and the big android update. To updates coming later to iOS and MacOS.

Apart from that, what would you like to see next from us here at icedrive? Could be anything, such as a dedicated music app, a marketplace or anything in between. Just let us know below.


Sorry @Tom but I genuinely think it’s absolutely perfect. I think what you’ve guys have done is second to none, I recently let Proton know that they’re nowhere close. All I hope is that eventually the app speeds up as it hangs for ages on my Oppo Find X2 Pro. Bar that, and I’m sure that will happen (may even be my phone) I think it’s fantastic


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Hey @Anon , OpenSource just doesn’t make sense for us as a business. Having our code potentially copied etc is a big no-no in our eyes. But we will weigh up the pros and cons to possibly consider it down the line.


Another monthly tier in-between 1TB & 5TB but that’s probably wishful thinking.


I don’t know if i’m missing something, but when uploading with my desktop mounted drive, once uploads are completed I can’t see if they were successful, as in a history of uploads like you get on the web version.

So my suggestion is a history tab or an upload list.

Here Are Some Suggestions -

  1. If Possible Plz Try To Provide Encrypted Thumbnail + Encrypted Video Player Feature In Encrypted Storage.

It Is Very Difficult To Find Out Exect File Everytime & Accessing Videos Are Much Difficult Right Now,Because We Have To Download Them.

  1. Downloaded Content From Encrypted Storage Are Saving In Android Folder Which Makes It Difficult to access & even it is not accessible by any gallery and media app. so plz make a feature in encrypted storage from which we can save perticular file “Save In Gallery” .

  2. Introduce A Feature Like Active Sessions So That If We Forgot Our Account Login In Someone’s PC,So We Can Logout It From Our Side.

  3. I Noticed Two Factor Authentication Sometimes Take Too Much Time To Give OTP to register mobile No. In India don’t know about others,if possible try to fix this and introduce a backup codes feature , in case of mobile lost or any issues, we can access icedrive by that code.

  4. If Possible Try To Make A Encrypted Feature Which Can Move Files Between Normal Storage & Encrypted Storage.

& If Possible Try To Make A Post Which Features You Are Going To Provide In Upcoming Android Update So That We Can Think Another Better Suggestions.


Yeah, 2TB is a nice compromise.

Been backing up stuff since about 2006 or 7, not even crossed 400gb yet, but with photos and videos on phones improving in quality and increasing file size, I can see that increasing.

I have started doing youtube and most videos are over 1gb now.


hey, will wait for the big update! I wish to have native linux sync app.


We’re always looking at our plans. I’ll pass this on to the team for consideration. Thanks for your comments @IceMan @Anon and @TheROVER .

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Hey @Anon We hear you on this. We will be making changes and will make the process a lot more simpler for our users.

Hey @TheMartius Welcome to the community!

Regarding points 1/2/5 Our team is looking in to our encryption folder and seeing what they can do, from thumbnails to a media player etc.

Point 3 and 4 i will pass this on to the team for consideration.

Also regarding the android update. When its almost ready for release, we will share more info on it in this community.

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Hey @TheROVER welcome to the community! You can access the upload/transfer history through the app log using the following pathway:


Currently the Transfer tab at the top only shows in progress or failed transfers. I will pass this on to the team tho, possibly something we could add in the future.

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Welcome to the community @terra ! We will post more about the android update in this community soon. Regarding Linux sync ill pass this over to the devs for consideration.

:heart::heart: One Thing…I Never Saw An Awsome Support And Team Like Icedrive In My Entire Life. Hats Off Man.


Appreciate that @TheMartius we try our best!

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Thank you Tom, will give it a go!

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I would say it is because they are Independent Tech, not Big Tech, it makes a difference.

Big Tech only care about making money, and influencing politics these days.

Not saying Indie Tech don’t want to make money, that is the whole point of setting up a business, but at least the IceDrive team are open to suggestions, appreciate feedback and if they can make a product people want with multiple features and plans, then that customer satisfaction gets positive reviews, word of mouth, and that will trickle down to new customers which will get them established as a big player in the cloud storage market.

When I was looking for cloud storage, I looked at OneDrive (Microsoft) and Google Drive, but the prices are stupid, and they had few options to choose from, I suspect they rely on brand recognition/loyalty to get customers, plus with the free 5gb and 15gb they offer for free respectively, and that they hook you on the easy and familiar interfaces.

I was going to go with Currys PC World as they were doing like 5 TB dirt cheap, but the feedback was awful, yeah, lots of space for a great price, but slow upload/downloads, poor interface, worse customer service.

IceDrive were new but were already popping up on recommended lists, plus they had spread out on to social platforms, were answering questions, but most importantly, the price for a year was better than all big tech firms, the lifetime price is astounding.

Being a UK resident, it also mattered that they were a Wales based firm, and it is always a good thing to support home grown product you believe in, I was a believer after just one month, once I upgraded my mobile Wi-Fi device to 4G+ in the summer and it all fell into place while using it at work.

Just great to have the tools to make a difference.


Thanks, we really appreciate the kind feedback.

Overall icedrive is great, the only issues I am experiencing (pretty much from the beginning I started using it) would be these:

  • Trash directory: since I’m using a lot via webdav + rclone, when I delete a file it get moved to the trash, but from a webdav mount, there is no way to empty the trash, so every now and then I’m forced to empty the trash via the web gui, and is very annoying since transhed file count the used space. In my opinion file deleted via webdav should be gone forever, or at least add an option for that, or add an option to delete the files in the trash after X time is passed.
  • Headless clients: your mounts for windows/linux works, but there is no way to integrate those is headless scripts or in headless linux systems, and the webdav reliability is still a bit hit&miss
  • As already reported the Android app is a bit wonky and sometimes get stuck even on high end phones, and I dont know why but it randomly log me out after updates which is annoying

Other than that its pretty good!

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