What happened to the "Backup Phone" feature"?

I’ve been using Icedrive for several years on my Windows PC and Android phone. A while back, using the Android app, I think I recall an option to backup your phone to Icedrive. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I already had a backup solution. Things have changed with my backup solution so I’ve come back to further investigate Icedrive’s solution.

But now I see that Icedrive’s solution is no longer available? What happened? Will it ever come back?

Please advise?

Hi @JPUnix

The backup wizard was removed from the app some time ago as users were getting ‘Upload Cancelled’ errors triggered by Google’s Scoped Storage technology. Our dev team are currently looking for ways to overcome this before implementing back into the app.

For now, you can utilise our auto-upload feature which automatically uploads all media from your camera roll and some third party apps. You would however need to manually upload other types of files such as documents etc.

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Thanks for the quick response and information!

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