What do we get for the 20GB mobile lifetime plan?

20GB from Icedrive seems not bad, but I am just confused as there’s no information about this deal I can find. I want to ask a few questions.

  • If bought by a user who’s on the free plan, does the total storage increase to or by 20GB?
  • Do we get the ability to have more than 5 sync pairs, or any other upgraded features like that on our PC? I see Zero-knowledge Encryption is included at least.
  • Is this plan considered as one of the lifetime plans where you are eligible for stacks too?
  • Is there any place where we can find more information about this deal?

The 20GB lifetime introductory plan increases your storage to 20GB whilst giving you access to all our premium features such as our zero-knowledge encryption service. The maximum number of sync pairs for paid plans is 15 via the drive app. Please see below links for all our plans/pricing;

To access details regarding the stack plans simply click the lifetime plan link and then the stack tab.

Hope this helps.