What are people's setup with regards to creating a back-up of their IceDrive contents?

Yo All!

I have been using IceDrive for quite some time now, and overall my experience has been excellent.

Recently, I have been going through the process of ensuring that I have a back-up of my contents in IceDrive, and was doing this via a manual process of copying it over to an external drive.

At this point my inner-self said this was insane, I should automate this… (I’m a software engineer in my day job). The plan was to remove this whole manual process and set-up a local server, possibly hosting a NAS that I could have it auto-sync with IceDrive on a daily basis.

I have done a little research but was hoping that someone else might have attempted or done this, and if so, what they ended up doing.

I have the same question. I have an external drive connected to an older desktop along with Icedrive.

Hopefully someone has a backup strategy that they’re happy with. I haven’t found anything I’m confident with yet.

I did a bit more digging and you could probably do this using a file transfer WebDAV client. There are a few around, with a free and open source option called Cyberduck, which might have the ability to sync on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (I haven’t looked enough at the docs).

If it doesn’t natively support syncing, it has a CLI (Command-Line Interface) which with a bit of scripting, you could probably get to automatically download all files that are new. I read that it has an option to download files that it doesn’t have locally, see below which is a snippet from their docs

Only Download Files
Files are downloaded that match one of the following criteria:
    Do not exist on the local filesystem
    Have a different checksum
    Have a newer timestamp on the server


Summary page of options



Note #1 - Anything automated like this also has the possibility of backfiring, so I would probably recommend only a one-way sync, just so you don’t end up deleting precious files in IceDrive.

Note #2 - I would also have the WebDAV client make a few versions of your back-up on the local server, so if you do accidentally delete something in IceDrive, it doesn’t automatically nuke it on your local server. Granted, this might then require more local storage!

I hope that all makes sense, feel free to reply if not! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: