Welcome to Wrexham

Since we’ve joined with Wrexham AFC as their Official Cloud Storage partner, our team has been following them this season on their journey to promotion to the English League. From going to a few home games and watching Welcome to Wrexham on Disney+ ( FX in the USA ) we’re excited to see where this journey will lead. Doing great so far this season! ( 2nd in the league ) hoping they can keep up this momentum. :pray: We’ll share with you some photos/videos in this thread throughout the season. We will also be giving some of you guys a chance to go to one of these games, more on that soon!

Has anyone else been watching Welcome to Wrexham?

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Not a football fan unfortunately so the program itself isn’t for me, but I am very aware of the new ownership, and it’s great to see a Welsh company support a Welsh team, especially one that is now widely in the worldwide public eye, nice way to get IceDrive out there to the world, shrewd move!

I’m only 22 miles away from Wrexham myself.

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Some photos from the 7 - 5 win against Barnet.