WebDav Transfers - Retain original File Modification Date

Hi all, Merry Christmas!

I recently started using IceDrive - More or less testing and trying to move up a few things to the cloud - While setting up rclone and moving a few GB of files, I noted the file creation date/time is that of the rclone upload.

For example, I copied a file that had been modified on December 18th, but on the Web it appears modified as 25 Dec 2022 20:56:08 << The time which rclone copied the file.

Now, I understand this is the file creation date here on IceDrive, but what about the file last modification date for this file? Is it possible we could the option to retain the original file creation/modification date in a future release? (At least for files transferred to the Web)

I have only tested this using rclone/WebDav, I will now try using the Windows sync client.

Apologies if this was previously mentioned, I tried searching in previous posts but didn’t find anything similar.

Thank you all!

Hey @carguello welcome to the community! I will put your suggestion to our dev team to consider for a future update.

Merry Christmas to you as well!