Webdav file structure?

I have a duplicati server that runs backups of several virtual servers within my home lab (yes i also run backups of the virtual server as well) duplicati has the ability to store backups to webdav, but when i try to configure a file path other than the root folder, I get an error stating that it cannot locate the folder specified.

Eg: /dupilicati_back/
Does not work but when i set location to /
It works great. Any insight would be ever so greatful

P.S. you guys have worked wonders on both desktop, and mobile applications in such (relatively) short time, I am truly excited to see what is in the pipeline. thank you for such great dedication to this product!!

Hey @havok thanks for the kind feedback regarding our desktop and mobile apps.

For the issue with WebDAV would you mind submitting a support ticket via Login - Icedrive so a member of our development team will be able to take a look and assist you?

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I wondered this too. Tried setting my webserver backup to a folder through WebDav but it never finds it but the root works. Kind of tedious moving those backups to a folder manually when they run every time. Interested if a solution is found!

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Hey @Brad :wave: If you are also experiencing issues with WeDAV, please contact us via support ticket, and our team will do our best to assist you.

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Submitted support ticket #NZAFKVYJ. Thanks for the quick response

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Hey @havok thanks for submitting a ticket. A member of our dev team will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hey so, my ticket auto closed… No response.

Hi @havok Sorry about this, would you mind supplying me with your ticket number and i’ll take a look.

Its two messages up in this thread…

@havok I’ve spoken with the technical team, they will email you a response to the ticket as soon as possible. Apologies for the oversight with your ticket.

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@havok Did you get a reply yet? If so, maybe share it with us.

@Freddy, yes, I was told it wouldnt work for my use case. So root dir is the only option (which is fine, i can just move the files after they have been uploaded to root, it just adds an extra step.)

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s a shame.
My other provider does offer user management, so duplicati goes to a separate folder.

Yeah, i bought into another provider as well. Use both for redundancy as no single storage option is safe, even paid online storage can and does fail.