WebDAV File Hashes

Hey everyone, I’ve got a bit of a feature request

I use rclone to keep my files automatically synchronized to IceDrive, since I have too many files to keep them up-to-date manually. Rclone connects to IceDrive using the WebDAV interface, and though my experience with the WebDAV interface has been great so far, rclone needs checksums to work efficiently.

Even though checksums are not officially part of the WebDAV standard, having access to hashes of files would make checking for corrupted or out-of-date files take far less time and bandwidth.

Also, if you would like to make sure the checksum is compatible with rclone, the following links may help:

As you can see in the WebDAV backend code, the WebDAV interfaces for NextCloud and OwnCloud do support hashes, so you could probably use them as examples as well.

I have already submitted a ticket for this feature and the team escalated it to the technical department (Thanks guys!). But, I thought starting a forum thread might be a good thing to do so other users could give their input or the team could update the thread with any announcements on this feature.

Hey @SnowPilgrim thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I’ll make sure it’s passed onto our dev team.

What is the status of this request?

All suggestions and requests go to our dev team who then take into consideration for future updates.