Web login - access to encrypted folder

hey Icedrive team, when logged via website, notice password is no longer required to access to encrypted folder. Is this intentionally?

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Log out and log back in again and it should request the password again. I did ask about a year ago for a feature on the website to lock the folder so that you don’t need to log out and log back in again but like so many other simple requests it’s fallen on deaf ears.

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it works, quite strange as I don’t keep logged on my browser, i need to enter my credentials & somehow my encrypted folder key was saved.

Hi @terra @Nick

You can lock the encrypted section on the web app by right clicking in the encrypted area, you will then see an option to “lock encryption”


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it works, not aware thatwe can do this. thanks Tom!

@terra No problem at all, happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh wow, I take back what I said, thank you! Would have been good though if this feature had been “announced”?

We have actually recently introduced a changelog to the website so that everyone can see any recent updates/changes we’ve made such as this in future. Changelog - Icedrive

Given the legal jurisdiction of IceDrive (UK) and the frightening anti-privacy legislation being passed there, this is significant. At least to me. I thought IceDrive was moving its legal presence to escape the UK’s draconian anti-privacy legislation. I don’t want any chance my private data I assume is protected in the encrypted folder could be accessed if any other party can access Icedrive’s cloud and customers’ accounts. So if we access the web portal, we must manually lock the encrypted folder? How could it be opened if we just log in, since it has its own password? Would love feedback from official IceDrive team on this.

We are definitely relocating due to this, more info on where will be available soon. Regarding the encrypted section nobody, not even our software can access your data stored in the encrypted section as we utilise zero-knowledge encryption which means that your files are firstly encrypted locally on your device before uploading to the cloud. There is an option to manually lock the encrypted section or alternatively you can simply log out and it will lock automatically.