[Web App] Build 2022-11-04

We have finally released a build of the Web App with the full collaboration, commenting and activity features as seen in our dev diary videos!

  • Full collaboration support
  • Commenting and discussion
  • Collaboration activity page
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The other apps will get updated throught the day, release times vary based on Google + Apple review times :slight_smile:

This took quite a long time and we hope you all find it very useful! Enjoy!


thanks for the update!
just to be clear - “Google + Apple review times” does that mean theres also an iPhone update for this build? or Apple meaning the MacOS app only?

Yup the iOS update should be any time now! Will post when it has been made live :blush:

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That would be great. My daughter’s iphone is almost full. Need to upload her stuff to icedrive but the app is very old and always crash after while.

hi jimmy! any update about IOS?