Virtual Drive Unmount

Hi, I’m new to Icedrive and have a question regarding the Virtual Drive. Can the virtual drive be removed and reinstalled without affecting the cloud folders? If so, how should it be removed?

Ok, just to let you know that I have figured it out

Hey @spike thanks for letting us know. Please feel free to get back in touch if you have any additional queries.

can you explain how to do it ?(I don’t want Virtual Drive to be in my laptop ,but need to sync a folder )

In order to create a sync pair you do need to have the desktop client for Windows installed. Once installed you simply need to open the desktop client and then go over to the sync tab and click new sync pair. From here you can create a sync pair between a local folder and cloud folder either 1-way to cloud/local or 2-way so that changes to either reflect in both.

yes I enabled a folder to sync 2-ways , and unmount the virtual drive, but when I restart my laptop again, the virtual drive again appear. My question is, can we disable virtual drive ( only I want the selected folder to sync )

There should be a setting in your desktop client that says ‘Start up with Windows’. Untick this in addition to ensuring that it is also not set to open on start up in your task manager.