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I am using a Mac, my preferred folder view type is ‘list’. Everytime I close IceDrive and open it again, the view type is changed back to ‘folder view’. I can set it manually each time to ‘list view’ but isn’t there a way to keep it as my preferred view so it stays in ‘list view’?

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I have asked for the sane several times. There iare no product updates being pushed of requested changes and that is concerning for many of us usrs.

Really no one has an answer??

Grab a browser extension such as this: User JavaScript and CSS (

and type the below in the javascript window:


Are you referring to the portable app, or the webapp?

We are about to release a WebApp update soon, we could add this feature to localstorage cache

Let us know!

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Thx will try that, but would love to have a solution that’s build in.

I am referring to the webapp, would appreciate that feature.

When is this update coming because the problem is not solved yet.

This has just been released :slight_smile:

great it works fine, thanks!