Video and Audio Files somewhat corrupted after uploading through Windows Explorer

Basically, after testing this issue a few times, I’ve found that a lot of my video and audio files get messed up if I upload through the Windows Explorer. Videos will freeze, and audio files will skip throughout the file. Reuploading them through the web interface solves this but is obviously more of a pain in the butt to have to do.


It happens a lot with pictures as well.
Seems there isn’t checksums verification and retries when interrupted…

Hi @Vino Welcome to the community!

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll get this forwarded over to the dev team to take a look at. I’ll get back to you in this thread once i know more.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused

thanks Tom, that would be much appreciated considering that method is my primary use.

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Hi all, so that we can narrow down what may be causing the issue could you let us know the following;

Are you uploading to the encrypted area?

Are you able to then download the file back to your device or another device or is it only online previewing that is the issue?

If you are using the drive app to upload it would be great to see the logs to aid us in our investigation. You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;


You can email this to and it will go direct to our dev team.

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I have the same issue, I uploaded a video file through windows explorer (the installed app with the mounted drive) and it permanently corrupted the file, even if I download it back by the other provided means (thru web browser, or even with the portable app)

I believe I tried to preview it from the clouded location, thats where I noticed the corruption

100%… I’m not sure WHY it’s doing this, if not all data packets are getting transferred or what, but yeah, I also tried downloading these files to see if the result was permanent. Lo and behold, the problem never cleared up.

LUCKILY I hadn’t permanently deleted and reuploaded the few video and audio files that I caught through the web browser. But now I’m a bit nervous to even wonder how many of these files this happened to considering I’m a fairly new customer and it hasn’t been that long since I uploaded my backup HDs to Icedrive.

Glad to hear that I’m not the only person having issues with this.

I performed multiple tests since my last input, and here are my observations :

-the corruption happens while uploading, ( and not while trying to open/preview files from cloud location as I first thought )

-The corruption only occurs while uploading with windows explorer (no problems found while uploading with web browser & portable app)

-corruption happen mostly to video files type so far (mainly *.mp4)

-the corruption only occurs to relatively “big” files that are bigger thand 700Mo (small files seem to be spared)

-only files that fit all conditions above and that were uploaded approx those last 2-3 weeks are impacted

hope that helps.

I’m glad I’m not the only one in the world who observed such a BIG bug!

I agree with some of your affirmations above (1 and 2), but in my case, corruption happens whatever the file size or file type (i.e. not mainly *.mp4, and for whatever size - 10MB also…)

This happens since mid-april.

It is such a big BUG that it makes IceDrive unusable from my point of view.

Glad I did not buy a lifetime subscription.

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Hey @Jocelyn welcome to the community! We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Could you email the drive app log to if this happens to you so that our dev team can investigate what may be causing the problem?

You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;


Our dev team are completely redeveloping the drive app for Windows which will address a number of issues and should hopefully be available for beta testing within the next few months.

Hi guys, I was happy to see an update of the app (v2.71), I thought it might fix this issue, but I advise not to install it as it made things worse, now all my files are unreadable regardless of time of upload, type, or size. hope the next update will make it up.

I completely missed this post, apologies.

  • Not uploading to the encrypted area, just the normal area.
  • I can download the file back to my device but it does have an issue. It’s permanent. The issue will be there whether you preview the file on icedrive or download it.
  • I’m not 100% sure I know of which “app” you’re referring to. I’m uploading through Windows Explorer and the integration Icedrive has with it. However, if that’s what you’re referring to and you need the log file, I’ll have to get that to you when I get off of work.

Darn, no kidding? Shoot, I updated right away. I’ve been hesitant to upload ever since I realized the issue and was HOPING this latest update fixed it but haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks for the heads up!

I think I’m seeing something similar with larger (BMP) image files.
I upload via the installed Windows app and then if I try to download them via the mounted drive they’re un-openable as the attributes are missing.
The same files are perfetly fine if I download them via a web browser.
Think I’ll just un-mount the Windows drive and never use it in case I forget and actually upload a file that way.
I’m a brand new user but with this and the fact the Android photo sync seems to be unreliable I’m starting to worry as any cloud backup solution has to be rock solid in terms of reliability

I opened a ticket with my issue (large .bmp files were showing as corrupt after download via the mounted drive) and support gave me the instructions below, which have worked :slight_smile:

Make sure you use the latest mounted app (v2.72).
Try the following:

  1. unmount the virtual drive;
  2. clear the app cache in the Settings;
  3. mount the drive and download the file.

good post Teffers, thank you! I’m going to give this a try asap for my big video files

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Ok, I’ve tried this once and the file did NOT get corrupted. I still need to test it a few more times but, so far, this might have solved the issue. For now, at least. lol

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That sounds really promising, hope it’s fixed the problem.

I only had the issue with 3x BMP files that were 40-50MB in size and I’ve just checked again and they’re opening normally. Been through a couple of app installs and multiple reboots since I reported the bug and all seems well.