Using the discussion feature

Hi there,

I just took advantage of the Black Friday deal, thank you very much :slight_smile:
The only feature I’m missing so far is a system to save tags or categories for a file. I can see that this might not be a priority for you but I often have the case where something could/should go into multiple folders and I’m never quite sure where I put it. As a workaround, I thought I’d give the discussion feature a try but I realized that the discussions are not included in the icedrive search results (tbh I didn’t even expect it, I know how complicated search queries can be). Do you guys have any ideas on how I could achieve something like this in another way? I thought about building some sort of database which just saves the links to the files with the categories. I’m not sure about the UX and security of an option like this tough.
Allow me another, somewhat related question: How do I delete comments from the discussion board again? When clicking on the trash icon next to my own comment I receive the error message: “Unauthorised”.

Thanks for any pointers regarding these two questions. Have a great day!

Hey @ArcticHare welcome to the community! Thanks for the feedback and your suggestions regarding save tags or categories. I’ll make sure our dev team consider for future updates. Comments are currently moderated for bugs etc. however I’ll ask the question of our dev team about being able to delete them yourself.

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Thank you very much, Chris, I would really appreciate it.

I didn’t realize the discussion would be moderated, I won’t be using it then. I imagined it as private comments for files. I also couldn’t find any information about the discussion when I researched. Just another suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey @ArcticHare, comments are only moderated for bugs etc. such as these. I’ve spoken with our dev team and they have informed that this has also now been fixed so you should now be able to delete your own comments.