Uploading ONLY files that failed to upload or are new to a folder

Good morning, Happy Holidays!

I have a 5 TB external hard drive that I’m slowly uploading to IceDrive. As i’ve been uploading, i’ve run into some issues where my laptop will die or internet will go out and the the remainder of the upload will fail. I instinctively tried to click on the file(s) to try to re-upload, but that didn’t work.

I’m wondering if there is a way to move a folder into icedrive that has already been halfway uploaded. But instead of icedrive taking time to replace the old files, it would give an option to skip all the files that are already on there. Basically the same thing that happens when you would copy files into another folder on your computer, and it says “file already exists in destination location, would you like to skip or replace?”

Thanks in advance for any help! It’s greatly appreciated and will save me loads of time searching through the folders for the files that did not upload!

Hey @bamfnamedjared, Happy Holidays!

This isn’t currently possible however the new drive mounted app which is currently being beta tested has a feature that allows you to simply click a button on a failed upload in the transfers tab of the desktop client to retry the failed upload.

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Would assume such feature should allow both “File” specific retry or all “Failed File” retry. Every situation is different for every person so such software has to be multi featured. Thanks

The new app does have a file specific retry failed item however does not currently have a retry all failed button. It’s still in it’s initial beta so will forward this feedback onto our dev team.