Upload speeds are god awful

I literally can’t find documentation anywhere addressing upload speeds. I’ve tried uploading to the mounted drive on my desktop and also through chrome. I’ve chosen to be annoymous about what I’m trying to upload. First its around 1GB of an .mp4 file, or zip files that are around 100MB/s. My upload speeds no matter what are at best 900kbps. My speedtest upload speeds are normally around 20mbps. Can someone please tell us what might be going on?

I’d love to know the answer to this question.

Just bought a subscription this morning. At a top upload speed of 117kb/s – speed test shows 4mb/s upload – it will take me 154 years to back up my 5tb archive of movies.

I might not even like those movies by then.


Yeah dude all the hype around this cloud service seems to be just that, hype. I’ve been using Mega forever and google drive and their speeds are way better than this. I’m probably going to cancel this subscription. No way can you actually use it when speeds are this horrible.

Maybe try on a different network. There could be a peering issue with your ISP. Their servers are located in Washington DC and Germany in Leaseweb datacenters as far as I understand so also depending on your distance from one of those two locations you may also have issues, especially if your ISP isn’t sending the traffic on the most optimal route. The minimum I see is around 80 Mbps (10 MB/s) and with a few large files uploading in tandem I’ve gotten around 300 - 400 Mbps. I have a gigabit line and this is over ethernet. I find that that webapp or the portable is sometimes a little bit faster than the Windows application because there is no overhead from the filesystem or Windows explorer.

A major difference between IceDrive and say Google Drive is that Google has many datacenters in a lot of locations, so no matter where you are the latency between you and one of Google’s datacenters will be minimal. The downside to using Google Drive is you are putting your data in the hands of a large, faceless advertising company. IceDrive is a small company and whenever I’ve contacted support they have always been prompt and helpful. I’ve also noticed it’s usually the same individuals responding. Perhaps you can also open a support ticket and maybe they can help you.