Upload speed very slow

I got icedrive 1TB yesterday and when uploading an 80+gb zip I have incredibly slow upload. From an upload speed test on another site, my upload speed is 30-40Mbps which is around 3.75-5MB/s but uploading to icedrive and I get 500-600kB/s. I’m using Microsoft edge too. Is there any way to use my full upload speed or would downloading the virtual drive and then uploading to the cloud via that upload faster? It’s already 20% since I left it overnight and I want to know if using the virtual drive would significantly speed it up instead of me cancelling the upload and wasting time

Hi @Behold Welcome to the community, you may find downloading our drive application or our portable application here will work better for your than the web browser. However, if this does not improve, please contact us via support ticket here and we’ll investigate this issue further.