Upload Speed Tests


I ran some tests on upload speeds to IceDrive using a 870MB mkv file :

To ‘Normal’ Folder : max of 9.5MBps (76Mbps)
To ‘Encrypted’ Folder : max of 3.1MBps (24.8Mbps)

Using a full fibre, ethernet to desktop connection. Speeds tests of 950Mbps down, 100Mbps up.

I was hoping upload to ‘Encrypted Folder’ would be quicker, but it looks like this is the bottleneck speed due to the encryption? Could you confirm please?

For the ‘Normal’ Folder there is still some headroom too, is there a theoretical maximum upload speed to this folder?

Also, this thread :

and the answer given by IceDrive still imply to me that IceDrive can scan uploaded files (by generating a hash on the file) and thus can work out what the files are. I am correct in this logic?


Hey and welcome @Dave

Im on mobile now so i cant get too technical, however:

You are are right with the bottleneck of around 3mb, the issue here is we use 4mb chunks for crypto files, so the time it takes to encrypt the chunk is causing around a 4MBps limit

The desktop apps are more powerful and can encrypt quicker than javascript


The more threads you use, the better

For example, if you copy that file 5 times ( or just upload 5 big files) and try to upload, youll get 5* the single thread speed

Let us know your results!

Hi JimmyB,

Just tried this with 5 copies of the same 258MB mkv file :

Web Browser :
To ‘Normal’ Folder : max of 12.2MBps (97.6Mbps)
To ‘Encrypted’ Folder: max of 5.4MBps (43.2Mbps)

Desktop App :
To ‘Normal’ Folder : max of about the same (It’s hard to tell, there is no ‘total’ upload speed, just individual, see image 1.
To 'Encrypted Folder : no idea without further manual calculation, are just given percentage complete bar, see image 2.

I would be interested to see the max upload speed to the Encrypted Folder via the Desktop app (As the ‘Normal’ Folder upload speed is already nearly maxing out my connection anyway in browser).

Hey Dave, i see youre using the portable app!

That encrypting part is actually just encryption, it does it before upload to the entire file ( all the other apps “stream” the upload chunks ) so you wont find the bottleneck there on upload as such, but the portable app also is a JS based framework so the encryption is slower than the native c++ mount/sync app

The webapp currently has 3 max threads, so we will up this to 5 to increase speeds on next release