Upload Speed - 1GB Internet Connection

I have read several posts on slow upload speeds but no real answers how to resolve. I have 1GB Internet Connection with my ISP and using SpeedTest.Net and Ookla and several sites they indicate I am getting 900-980 in both uploads and downloads. However, using the Windows desktop app to synch files I am at best getting 3-5MBs. Obviously, that is horrific. The files I am uploading typically average 2.5G as they are backup image files of content. They are not uploaded to my encryption folder so there is no overhead with encryption.

Additionally, I am seeing only 3 files uploaded at the same time so there is some apparent restrictions that are occurring. Can you share what are the bandwidth restrictions and threads? I feel I should be able to easily get 300MBs - 400MBs so obviously 3MBs is not acceptable.

I am restricted to using the Icedrive desktop apps as I cannot run my own synch application to the mapped drive as it will error out.

How can I get the upper end of my internet connection so I can upload my files quickly? Thanks

It doesn’t seem to matter how fast your connection is. What matters is how fast “Icedrive” can process what you upload. And whatever is the slowest pipe in your connection.

I have 300 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload service. I recently spent several days uploading 1.5 TB of unencrypted files and folders to Icedrive storage. Most of the time I was getting the full 50 Mbps, but sometimes it was as slow as 3 to 5 Mbps. The average was closer to 45 Mbps. Even during the “slow” uploads my ISP was showing 50 Mbps on the speedtest. And my CPU usage was small.

Which suggests the slowdowns were external to my system and not my ISP.

The speeds varied a lot based on time of day and upon file size. And there was a lot of variation even during the fast and slow periods.

So. Upload “speed” depends on the slowest factor in the pipeline. Your CPU, your computer I/O, disk drive access speed, wifi throughput, your ISP capacity, and whatever limitations there are at Icedrive. And how your ISP relates to the Icedrive servers.

If you want “fast” then every piece of the pipeline would have to be fast. And much of that is beyond our control.

Your 3 MBps is 24 Mbps which to me seems pretty good.

If my upload speed is 900 Mbps in testing to another external site, that tells me the bottleneck is not internal to my PC. I am not looking to get 900 Mbps but certainly in the 100+'s Mbps unless Icedrive is throttling their connections so users with larger files and larger volumes are not utilizing their resources. I have opened a ticket with Icedrive and hopefully they will come back with something. I also tried their WebDAV service and there are problems with that as well I included in my ticket.

Thanks for your reply.

I will be interested in learning how they respond to your ticket. My guess is that some commercial customers have a schedule and that may be limiting our access at times. Or maybe there is some sort of maintenence cycle.

Whatever it is, I have learned what times of day work best for me so I can get close to my maximum of 50 Mbps. On the other hand, now that I have completed the initial uploading, my updates are relatively modest by comparison.

I use SyncBackPro to do my periodic backups. It seems to work fine for accessing the virtual drive for periodic incremental backups and deleting no longer needed files automatically. The process is slower than the initial uploading ( I believe ) due to the way Icedrive manages the cache ( simply copying files and folders to the virtual drive is faster ). But it works fine for me.

In any event, good luck. Hope it gets resolved for you.

I will let you know.

I want to confirm your use of SyncBackPro. Are you able to sync with that application directly to your virtual drive? I use FreeFileSync which works very well for me. I have used it for years and I am very pleased. It is fast but Icedrive will not allow it to write to their virtual drive. It will error out. I tried Teracopy as well although I want a synch application.

Sorry for any confusion. I use the words “sync” and “backup” to mean different things.

I don’t use SyncBackPro to sync. I use it for backup. In other words, not for real-time syncing. To real-time sync my 1.5 TB of stuff would be unwieldy ( continually scanning all of it in both places for changes ) as only bits and pieces would change in any given day.

So I set up a SyncBackPro backup profile to mirror a master folder on my external drive to the Icedrive virtual drive. To minimize scanning of my source ( external drive ) and destination ( Icedrive virtual drive ) I have a separate backup profile for each set of folders. I can trigger the backups manually or by schedule. This seems to work very well with Icedrive virtual drive. One of the reasons I chose Icedrive is the virtual drive feature, meaning I can keep things simple.

So, yes SyncBackPro has no trouble reading from and writing to the virtual drive.

In my case, I only sync selected ( frequently changing ) files and folders, using Google Drive. I also use FreeFileSync to trigger more frequent backups of critical files ( from my hard drive to external drives ). I have played with FreeFileSync using RealTimeSync but prefer Google Drive for that.

I have not yet tried the Icedrive paired sync folders.

SyncBackPro is pricey ( $55 ) but you can do a 30-day free trial to see how it works and if it does what you want.

They replied they have added additional servers in the US. I am not seeing any substantial bump from my expectations but it almost double of the 1-3MB/s I was seeing previously. I have replied for me it is still not acceptable. I recall seeing minimum 30-60 MB/s when I first bought the product. Personally, I think they should thoroughly analyze the free 10GB user model. If that model is not turning 40% greater of new customers, I would change the model. Free users impact all of us as we share bandwidth and unfortunately the paying customer pay for the bandwidth.

That aside, I asked about FreeFileSync (FFS) as I am seeing something I have not seen before. Previously, I could use FFS and synch my files via the virtual drive. Now I am getting the error message "ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED: Access is denied. [MoveFileEx]. I have not posted the question in the FFS community yet. I know FFS writes the file with a TMP extension and then renames the file. It appears the write is working but it fails as soon as it attempts to rename the file? Can you confirm or test if you are able to synch directly to your virtual drive?

I don’t know what has changed as I have done that before. The last time I did a synch of that nature without an error was about 2-3 weeks ago.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Use the portable .exe, don’t use the Windows app.