Upload of folder with 80+ files fails at random times

I noticed that uploading a folder with 80+ files of 50MB size each , fails at some random point in time. Upload stalls and never picks up speed again.

First time upload works better , consecutive upload attempts of the folder fail sooner than first upload attempt of the folder.

I tried this on the linux client and on the windows client. Both seem to have the same issue.

Upload via website seems to work reliably though.

Hey @hynkelz thanks for the feedback. The most likely cause in these situations is a temporary disruption to the internet which can cause the upload to fail. We’re actually in the process of redeveloping our drive app for Windows and will be ported over to MacOS and Linux in the near future. One of the new features of this new drive app is if there are any upload failures you will be notified of which file in particular has failed in the transfers tab and there will be a retry upload button for that file.

@Chris Added resilience against connection loss and file integrity checking after upload is completed with an algorithm that is suitable for internet file transfers , should be high on the list of features.

When you talk of “drive app” , do you mean the standard windows client or just the portable client?

Do you maybe know what the version number of the updated portable client for linux will be that is going to include the changes you mentioned above ?

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No, this will be an all new mounted drive app redeveloped from the ground up to include features such as this and will also have a new sync which is also being completely redeveloped to improve functionality. Once this has been fully implemented we will be able to port over to Mac and Linux fairly quickly. There aren’t currently any plans to implement these changes in the portable app however maybe something we explore once development of the new drive app has been completed.

@Chris Any estimate time when the app will be released ?

We don’t have a definitive date yet but the initial closed beta test has already been released to a selected number of users for feedback so we’re hoping to move things along pretty quickly once we’ve finished gathering all the information we need from the test.

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Ok , ill keep checking in a few months.