"Upload cancelled" message

I set up Auto Upload photos on Icedrive on two phones. On the first one it works, on the second I get “Upload cancelled” message. Why?

Hey @Kosarar welcome to the community! Would it be possible for you to submit a diagnostic log on the device you’re having the issue with and we can take a look at what may be causing it?

Sure. How to do that?

If you are using Android you need to go to help under your options in the top left or if you’re using IOS there is a more button at the bottom and then submit diagnostic log.

I submitted diagnostic data.

System info:
Device: Tecno Mobile Limited TECNO LD7
API Level: 29

App settings:
Version: 2.5.5 (255)
WiFi only: ON
Auto upload photos: ON
Auto upload videos: ON
Auto upload encrypt: OFF
Auto upload organize: OFF
Media autoplay: OFF
Media background playback: OFF
Use SD card for downloads: OFF
Notifications: media playback: ON
Notifications: sharing: ON
Notifications: downloads: ON
Notifications: sound: ON
Notifications: vibration: ONPIN: OFF

Message from user:

Upload does not work

Thanks for submitting the requested log. I’ve replied via the ticket thread.