"Upload canceled" when trying to sync android to icedrive


I’ve been trying to set up a backup from my android phone (xiaomi 9t) to icedrive but it doesn’t work… It tried to upload but every upload gets canceled with the notification “Upload canceled”. Any ideas on how to solve this so that I can sync my phone to Icedrive?

HI @Omoplata Welcome to the community! We’re aware of this issue and its due to Googles scoped storage. There is currently no solution in place but we will address this in the coming “Big” Android update.

Sweet! Looking forward to it!

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I’ve been trying to find information about the Android update, such as a date and features that come with it, but can’t find anything. Can you link it to me, please?

@Omoplata We have not released any information on it yet, just that its coming soon. All details will be revealed in the coming weeks.