Upgrade to 5TB Plan - SOLVED!

I am on the 1TB plan, unfortunatly, doing video editing eats away at that rather quickly so I need to go to the 5TB plan.

I can’t seem to find an option on my Billing Info, I can cancel my current plan, which I did, trying to renew, but it only lets me renew the 1TB plan.

Help needed!

How do I proceed to update to 5TB?

Go to the main page and buy it, then when asked to log in it recognizes my current account?

It’s lonely in here lol.

I had a chat with Icedrive, similar situation.
the answer is “unfortunately it is not possible to stack plans”
so if you want more storage, you have to buy it with a new login.
the problem is: You can only access or mount a drive with one login. So if you have different logins, you cannot transfer (copy/paste) data from one account to the other. Every time you ant to access an account, you have to log out from the one and then login to the other one.
For me and my usage, pretty senseless and pretty useless.
Icedrive offered me an upgrade, that is possible, (I don’t get the logic ) but for the full price. Like I have 5 and I want to upgrade to 10, but I pay the full price for the 10 to have the additional 5… i don’t think this is a fair solution.
Nevertheless, you could share files like mounting 1 account as a drive and then opening the other account as a web interface. Maybe this is useful fore somebody, but not for me

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Seems odd to not be able to upgrade from 1TB to 5TB.

There must be a Solution IceDrive as i’m not paying for two separate accounts?

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You can’t unfortunately, I asked if it were possible to get that plan as well

Ok, how do I go about moving my stuff from the 1TB account to the 5TB account?

Sorry I realise my original response was with regards to the lifetime Pro V 5GB plan (which is no longer available), I’d recommend emailing support

I think if you want to keep your account details I think you will need to make a backup of your data ==> cancel your account and go to the 5T with your existing info

Don’t see it as stacking plans, can’t be that difficult to set the value of my account storage limit and change it from, 1TB to 5TB, seems very counterproductive and backwards to have to make a new account, download everything from the current account, then re-upload it to another, I don’t have the time to fanny about doing something like that.

Plus the risk of download and upload failures.

Sounds like i’ll have to look elsewhere or buy several SSD drives, download and copy everything, all because IceDrive have a convoluted system.

Mobile Data, I want to go from 2gb and month to 10gb a month, no problem.

Broadband, I want faster speeds, no problem.

IceDrive, I want to go front 1TB to 5TB, no, set up a new account, download all your stuff from one account and re-upload it, we don’t offer any tools or resources to help you.



Any IceDrive Devs in the room to assist or offer an opinion?


To upgrade your plan simply purchase the new plan here whilst you are logged in to your account. This will then just replace the old plan, all data will remain untouched.

If you are on a Monthly/Yearly subscription, can you please let us know if you do upgrade via support ticket, so that we can make sure the old plan is cancelled down correctly.

Thank you yet again Tom, coming in again to help me out!

I’m now on 5TB and 16% full, rather than 81%.

Couldn’t say I ever saw info on how to do this as I had no idea it was so simple, but again, thank you!

@TheROVER No problem at all! Did you contact us via support ticket to let us know so that we could cancel the old plan down?

No, I had already cancelled it over a week previous before going with the 5TB plan.