Updating Icedrive without having to resync files (or lose sync pairs)


I’ve occasionally run into bugs that warrant trying an update or re-install as part of troubleshooting.

An update is preferred over an uninstall/reinstall. What’s the (forced) update protocol for dummies? I’d prefer not to lose my sync pairs, or be in a situation where I have to re-upload many 100’s of GB’s of data. It was problematic doing uploads in the first place, and I don’t want to have to go through it again as it involved multiple cross checks to confirm what did and did not sync.

Is there a similar uninstall/re-install protocol you’d recommend that doesn’t lose sync pairs or require re-uploads?

I have dual boot: Windows 11 and Manjaro/Linux


Thanks for the feedback. If you’ve encountered some bugs with the drive app that have required re-installs could you send us a support ticket via Login - Icedrive to let us know what they are? We’re actually in the process of completely redeveloping our drive app and sync feature from the ground up in order to eradicate the reported bugs and also give us the ability to port over to MacOS and Linux. We have recently released the initial beta test for the new drive app (sync beta test to follow) so any feedback you could provide would certainly be helpful to this process.

Can do (provide bugs). Meanwhile, to upgrade, can we simply download the most recent .exe and install it over the top of the existing version without losing sync pairs, or having to re-upload everything?