Unreliable syncing when uploading files on iOS


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I use IceDrive on iOS sometimes. If I try uploading more than 1-3 small photos, they may all show up in my IceDrive account on my mobile phone, but about half of them do NOT ever sync with my machine (Mac) at home. Frustrating. I don’t know how to get copies of files from my phone to my home computer reliably.

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Hey @Abe any file you upload to the cloud will then be on your cloud and accessible from any of our apps on any device. A common issue is that you may need to simply log out of your Icedrive session on your Mac (portable app/web app) and then log back in to see the changes reflect accurately.

I am having an issue with my iPhone’s photos & videos not uploading in the background.

The IOS app does need to be open in the foreground to upload your files.