Unmounted drive keeps re-mounting itself after every computer restart


Sync/Drive v2.72
Windows 10


I don’t use the mounted drive, I just use Icedrive for automated backup, but every time I unmount the drive, it’s mounted again after restarting. There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable this in the app’s settings.

Hey @zachTheFrog you can change this by setting the drive app to not open on start up in your desktop client. Additionally, you can do this by going to your task manager and then going to your start up menu and then disable any app you do not wish to open on start up.

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@Chris That is not what I meant.

I want the Icedrive drive app to automatically start and run backups daily, however I do not want the drive mounted in “My PC,” as I never use it. Currently there is an option to manually unmount the drive under the “mount,” tab of the app, but it never stays unmounted after a restart.

Same problem here : the app launches on Windows startup (as expected), to manage the sync, but there is no way to prevent it from mounting the drive (which I don’t use).

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider this for the new drive app that we’re developing which is currently still in it’s initial beta test.