Understanding sync behaviour in Icedrive

Today, on opening Icedrive all my sync pairs started syncing. It meant 500+ files, 339GB of syncing. Almost all of these files had not changed in weeks. I had not changed file path structures for parent folders.

Other cloud-based storage options I have sync only changed folders/files.

I’ve had multiple challenges with syncing on icedrive. I use sycn as a backup to safeguard my files. In addition to events like todays, sync regularly crashes the app (I have a support request that goes back to May that remains unresolved and requires regular nudging of support for any updates). Because of the unreliability of the sync feature, I am never sure what has or hasn’t synced on my computer. Some advice on the following would be great:

  1. What triggers a ‘sync’ event in Icedrive?
  2. If a folder sync is interrupted, does it then go back and redo the whole folder? For example, a folder with 100 files, if it gets through syncing 99 files and I cancel or pause the sync, or close icedrive, will it then redo all 99 files again?
  3. Does Icedrive only sync changed files/folders?
  4. If the name of a folder in a synced file path is changed, or folder structure changes, does Icedrive re-sync all files?

Thanks for any advice.

Hey @gentle_walk thanks for the questions regarding our sync;

  1. Sync/scan is triggered at intervals that you set when creating the sync pair.
  2. Sync is not able to pause and resume currently however we’re redeveloping our sync to incorporate live sync which should negate this along with your intervals as sync will be instantaneous in the future.
  3. The scan and sync process looks for new or amended files/folders within the sync pair.
  4. No. If you change folder name, the sync will attempt to recognize it and change folder name accordingly.

If you have any additional queries relating to sync or our other apps please feel free to drop us a support ticket or get in touch via our live chat.

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Thanks @Chris, that’s helpful.