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Hi everyone, i have been trying to copy a folder full of 91 small video files from my laptop drive, into my IceDrive Sync folder on my other hard drive, so it will sync to my IceDrive online storage.

In the desktop App, i am looking at the upload transfers as they are running, and each file is failing, showing the following Fail Error.

Unauthorised Folder Access (FA01)

The Folder was in my Sync folder on my hard drive, but it vanished, and it is not appearing in my online storage account either.

I rebooted my laptop and began the process again, but it is still giving that error.

Can anyone shed any light on this please.

The error ‘Unauthorised Folder Access (FA01)’ comes from the app not being able to locate the file. The best thing to do if you see this error would be to email the drive app log to support@icedrive.net so that our dev team can investigate what may be happening to cause this specifically. The above email goes directly to our dev team and they will investigate and will then be in touch as soon as possible to assist.

Thank you, i have sent an email with the same details that i wrote in my Topic here, not hear back yet, so i just made a new folder on my Source drive with a slightly different name, transferred the files from the old folder into that, then i deleted the old folder, i then simply copied that new folder to my IceDrive partition, and now everything is back to normal.