UK Online Safety Bill

What is IceDrive’s position on, and contingency plans for, the UK Online Safety Bill?

I wont speak on behalf of the company, but my personal opinion is that its a digital dictatorship. They always use emotions such as protecting children, etc etc when they want to take away some of your privacy and freedom.

There is a lot of opposition, thankfully. And the people opposing it know what they’re talking about and the people proposing it have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about

We will simply relocate eventually, if this is passed in its current form


I’m sure the community would like to hear the company’s official word on this matter. I wouldn’t want any of my data left in a cloud under an authoritarian, dictatorial regime. I thought I was safe(r) keeping my data in a cloud in the West. But now the West is taking pages right out of Orwell. It’s minimally responsible for the company to address this formally before it’s too late.

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As you may have seen the news, the UK online safety act has passed.

Now what is next for IceDrive, may I ask?


Big things! They will be more apparant very soon. We cannot reveal too much at this stage

Since Icedrive doesn’t have a copy of our encryption keys, we should relocate all our private docs to the encrypted folder in the short term. And ultimately consider a provider outside the Orwellian state. Handing governments that already have too much power over our private lives MORE POWER never works out well. At least we know not to do business with UK companies anymore.

Agreed, its also very worrying that apps like Signal are UK based - I wonder what their plans are

As for Icedrive, well we are on it :wink:

We have our eyes set on Gibraltar, which is a sovereign UK overseas territory with their own laws and regulations.

Many think of Switzerland as a “privacy” haven, however they are still tied to EU, 5 eyes et al.

We firmly believe Gibraltar or possibly Isle of Man to be the true “Privacy” havens

Stay tuned!

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Have you guys looked into Iceland?
I am astonished to see your company is willing to migrate an entire workforce in the name of privacy!

My only other concern is the copyright scanning…

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