Timeline view for android app photos and videos

Hi there, I have bought the lifetime Icedrive storage and I like many things except viewing old photos and videos on Android.

What I mean is that, currently, the Icedrive app allows sorting files based on date, but when I want to scroll fast to a certain point in time or the last photos in my folder I can’t.
Not sure why, but I can’t place my finger on the right of my screen where the scroller is and be able to move it fast wherever I want.
This makes viewing old photos, videos, or generally any files really inconvenient because I have to scroll through the content of the whole folder in order to get to the end.
This will get worse the more photos I add to a folder…

What I recommend and hope can be implemented:

  1. a way to scroll fast through the files in the folder. Give me the option to control the scroller position fast with a finger and not just by swiping down.
  2. it will be aweeeesome if you add something similar to what pCloud has on their Android app:

They have categories - photos, videos or other files and you are able to see the content in a timeline view.

Please answer what are your opinions on those suggestions soon as I am considering asking for a refund of my purchase as imagining adding thousands of photos in one folder and scrolling through all of them just to see an old photo… this seems crazy enough to make me ask for a refund.


Hey @Devmapall Thanks for posting this! I will pass this over to the dev team to look in to implementing.


I agree 100% with Devmapall.

Perhaps the team could get some inspiration from OneDrive?! They have this feature on the web version and the mobile app as well.

Here’s a screenshot, as you can see, I have photos and videos from 2008 to 2023, and I can simply hover my mouse over and click a specific date in time anywhere within those years.
It’s extremely quick to find an old picture:

What’s the dev team position regarding this feature?
Is it in the works, or is it not a priority at this moment?

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