Thank you IceDrive for fast upload speed

IceDrive is some kind of second Backup for me. I’m syncing my files from PC to my Synology NAS with Synology Drive client (one way-upload to NAS). After that i’m syncing my PC with IceDrive.
I don’t know how is this possible but i get very high speed when uploading to IceDrive with IceDrive Windows Sync client. It’s way faster than uploading to my Synology NAS with 1Gbit LAN.


Happy that our service is exceeding your expectations @buky :slightly_smiling_face:

I would be interested in your file sizes? Also, are you uploading to the encrypted folder or just the native folders? Speed is relative to the User. What is your ISP Internet speed and what are you seeing on the dashboard. 3MBs, 10MBs, 100MBs.

I have a 1GB Internet connection. I can check the speed with Ooakla and I get uploads and downloads of 900-980MBs. In the Icedrive desktop app I am getting 3MBs. I am only seeing 3 files being synched at a time. I get 3-5 MBs and I am sitting with 9457 files waiting to synch. At the current speed I am lucky if they get synched in 6 days, if not more. i have opened a ticket so we will see what they can do. I am expecting to get 600-800 MBs given my ISP speed.

I am very disappointed in the virtual mounted drive. You cannot use a tool like FreeFileSynch and synch your files to the virtual drive. The tool errors out. I really have no understanding of the value of the virtual drive if I cannot synch my files. I am forced to use the desktop app and the 3MBs is not acceptable.

I am interested in your speeds and how you are getting 500MBs? Look forward to your reply. Thanks

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