Take hours to sync

Icedrive takes hours, up to 15+ hours, to “compare folders”. Totally unnaceptable. Defeats all purpose of “syncing”.

Yes, I have many files. But if Icedrive cant handle it, then dont offer TB size storage. And of course, I am not making changes to all files every minute. Even if there are no changes , but still can take hours to sync. Time does not seem to be linearly proportional to the number of files, but exponential. If i make sync pairs of each subfolder it does work fast with small subfolders, but with subfolders with many files still struggles in the same way. I should not have to do this, its absurd to make me create a pair sync for every subsubfolder just to get it synced.

Since Icedrive is so unreliable, I use two other clouds from other companies. I have the same folders in sync, no problem whatsoever. They scan and compare folders fast. I am not counting download/upload times, which are ok in Icedrive.

Icedrive needs many improvements. And little has been done in the last months. But this is ridiculous. Icedrives needs the whole night to sync while consuming a lot of CPU resources. Listening to fan noise all day is annoying. Icedrive needs urgently discrete syncing or block syncing, and add a manual complete scan button.

For now, I am going to stop using the program. And maybe use it for a backup every month. Because is clearly nonsense to keep it running at the back struggling to compare two folders when at the end of my working session it has synced nothing yet. I will save some electricity and noise for me.

PS: Another suggestion, make deletion policy customizable for every sync pair. I want some folders to be backedup (no deleting) and other to be synced (w/ deleting).

Also show the list of files that have been already synced/completed or queued… Many times syncing doesnt even work…

Hi @Astroch We appreciate the feedback and suggestions, I will pass it over to the development team to consider. If you are experiencing issues, would you mind submitting a support ticket here and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

No thank you, i already complained about this months ago via ticket. Its useless. They told me to increase the sync interval (which solves nothing), or to disable renaming detection. Basically, making the service even worse.

Do you have the desktop app running in the background non-stop? Because with another cloud provider’s sync app I noticed that when it runs in the background it takes no time to scan through folders, ever. It takes quite a while only when you quit the program and start it up manually later, when it has to check if there are any changes since its last run. So it might be a simillar issue here? And can you tell how many files and folders you have, and their size in total?