Synch Now Feature Request

I have asked for this feature for 1.5 years and it is still not available. There are times I want the synch pair process to start when I am ready. For example, right before bedtime I just finished uploading\altering several 100 folders. I would like for that process to start now so I can wrap up the work on my PC and shut it down for the night (do not leave my desktop on 24x7) after the synch is complete.

Ideally, I want an button on the same line as the synch pair so you can force a Synch Now for a specific single pair synch and another “Synch all Now” option at the top of the screen to force IceDrive to begin a synch of all synch pairs.

Has anyone found a way to force a Synch Now versus waiting, waiting, waiting for it to start???

If you think it is a good idea, please submit your suggestion if more users are asking for this feature.

Many thanks.


I would+1 for this feature. The only way I’ve found do it is to change the sync settings to 5 minutes, quit the app, re start it and sign in again and then it syncs almost straight away.

A real faf but it does work.