Sync to remote folder - Suggestion

I’m very happy with Icedrive, but I’d like to suggest one thing:

I turn on Icedrive only e.g. once a week to sync my local folders to the drive. However, I don’t like the process of syncing the folders: I have to manually click „New Sync Pair“, choose remote folder, choose local folder and choose sync direction (one-way to cloud). I have to do this manually for each folder and it’s quite complicated.

This process should be much easier. It could be possible to sync all my local folders to the cloud with one click from the app – those folders that I sync every time. Or it could work with a right-click on a particular folder on my PC – like we have „Upload to Icedrive“, we could also have „Sync to Icedrive cloud“ or „Update changes of this local folder to the remote folder“.

You can check how this file synchronization application does it: . Every time when you need to make a backup of your files, you open the app, click “Analyze all”, the app then analyzes all new/changed/removed files in your folders that you make backups of. And then you just click “Synchronize all” and all the files get synced. With just 2 clicks.

This would be a great feature to have.

Hey @andrej Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: ! Appreciate the feedback, will pass it on to the dev team to consider.