Sync though the App (Windows) but the synced folder is not showing in the cloud

Hi IceDrive team,
a new user is here. I came from Mega cloud to your cloud service. I synced a huge folder around (270GB) and took me around 12 hrs to upload, after the upload completed, apparently it is not showing any folder in the cloud, even though it appears that I used 270GB of my cloud space. can you help me please to resolve this issue. I want to sync the same folder in my laptop.

Hey @aaalhajri for such a large update to the system, it’s likely that you simply need to log out of your Icedrive session and log back in to see the changes reflect accurately.

Hi Chris, than you for your reply.
I did logged out and restarted the application again but unfortunately without any changes and the problem remains the same.

it has been more than 3 days with this problem. can you help me out to solve it out.

thank you

Abdul Rahman Alhajri

Can you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and we can look into your account for you?