Sync on Android

Is there a way to sync between my Android device and Icedrive? I want to automatically keep my files synced between my PC, Android, and Icedrive, without having to manually upload or download files to and from my phone, I just want to sync automatically. I previously used DriveSync with Google drive so I want something similar here. Thanks.

Hey @jadoo72 welcome to the community! There’s no current native way to sync to Icedrive using Android currently as our full sync feature is only available via our drive mounted app/desktop client for Windows. Our Android app has an auto-upload feature which will automatically upload newly taken photos/videos from your camera roll. Some users have attempted to use third party sync tools via Android utilising our implementation of WebDAV however we would not recommend this as our implementation of WebDAV was never designed to accommodate bulk uploading. As soon as the redevelopment of our drive app is complete we will be taking a look at all our apps with a view to implementing sync features in the future. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Chris. I really appreciate it!

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