Some video files aren't uploading (when I mount), what should I do?

they are like ghost files… they don’t show up, but when I try to reupload it asks if I want to replace.
I tried to find the files on the web version of icedrive
I tried reuploading multiple times and deleting the folder where the ghost files are.

here’s some additional information: I’m mounting icedrive on windows and I’m not uploading to an encrypted area.
when I uploaded the files I could see them after they got uploaded, but when I open another tab of windows explorer or the web app they doesn’t show up anymore

Have you tried logging out of your app session after you upload to see if they are then displayed?

oh I now see that transfers are happening, so I understand now that it’s transferring after it finishes moving the files

With the mount app it utilises a local cache in order to facilitate the upload so I’m assuming that from your perspective it looked as though the transfer had completed but it was actually just referring to the cache. The best way to check if a transfer is ongoing is to go to your desktop client and then the transfers tab. This will display any uploads that are currently ongoing.

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