Some archives generated by Icedrive are corrupt


Every once in a while when I (or anyone with the link) download a bunch of folders from the webapp, the resulting archive that gets downloaded returns an error upon opening. The warning message says that it is corrupt. Any ideas on what might be going on?


Hey @brabazon welcome to the community! Would it be possible for you to email attaching some screenshots of the errors you’re receiving? Do you notice if this is happening with specific file types or does it appear to be random?

I have this problem too since mid-april.

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Have you submitted a support ticket yet regarding this? You can submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive or alternatively email and this email will go directly to our dev team.

Yes! It surfaced around that time for me, too.

I will open a ticket as soon as I try downloading another folder and the error is reproduced - I think this way it will be more helpful for the dev team.

Hey @Chris, sorry for the belated response. Like I said below, as soon as the problem resurfaces, I will do just that. Thanks!

Let me know if you send a ticket and I’ll look out for it.